Jerrycurl is and will always be free for use by anyone. It is covered by LGPLv3 which means that source code is fully available and that almost any use of Jerrycurl and its source is permitted.

We offer paid licensing options for those who want to step up their game with the Jerrycurl Pro extension for Visual Studio.

Personal & Business Licenses

Jerrycurl Pro licenses are covered by our EULA. They are non-perpetual and non-recurring in the sense that any functionality offered by the product is only available during the one-year period for which you have acquired a license. After this period you can manually renew your license if you want to continue using the product.

An important thing to point out for our license holders is the fact that the tools offered are only meant as an aid for you to be as effective as possible when developing Jerrycurl-based software. This does not put any restrictions on the code written using these tools, and any code can be further maintained and distributed after your license period has expired.

We offer two licensing options, a personal and a business license. The personal is a single and nontransferable license and is meant for and tied to one unique developer. For companies we offer a per developer licensing option that does not limit the number of licenses or which individual the license is tied to.

If you want to try before you buy, we offer a fully featured 14 day trial that you can download and test out today.

Refund Policy

We expect that those who buy our software have evaluated it first. We therefore do not under normal circumstances offer refunds for purchases of Jerrycurl Pro licenses. However, there might be circumstances under which you could be eligible for a refund — if so, describe your reason in an email and send it to

Questions and Other Requests

If you have questions or other licensing requests, feel free to contact us at