Jerrycurl Pro

Purchasing a license for our pro tools for Visual Studio greatly increases your productivity when working with the Jerrycurl framework. It offers templates for quick creation of projects and items and full Razor integration with syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and design-time error checks.

It also includes an integrated version of the CLI that allows you to not only generate, but also compare and normalize your object model with simple JavaScript code and Node.js, all with a single click.


Create an entire, ready-to-run project from our simple wizard.

Easily add components such as accessors, commands and queries to an existing project.

Enjoy beautiful syntax highlighting and IntelliSense.

Catch errors early with design-time code checks.

Define database configuration with simple .orm JSON files.

Create and update your object model with a single click.

Prepare for changes with our comparison tool.

Normalize any aspect of your model with JavaScript code for Node.js.


If you want to try before you buy, we offer a 14 day trial period during which you can evaluate the full feature set of Jerrycurl Pro. After this period, if you like the product, you can buy a license or revert back to the free version.